Submitting your own material:

We will be thrilled if you shared your images with us and contributed to the growth of our Central Park Virtual Tour project! Publishing your own 360˚ image is very simple. All you need to do is to send us the 360˚ image file at, and given it meets the guidelines as listed below, we will integrate it into the Central Park Virtual Tour within a week. We will contact you regarding the progress via e-mail.

Please note the following guidelines when submitting your images:

  1. Your image must be related to Central Park.
  2. You need to submit coordinates or exact location (an approximate description is ok, i.e. next to the Bethesda Fountain) along with the image.
  3. Submitted image needs to be in equirectangular or 6 sided cube face format.
  4. There are no minimum resolution requirements; however if the resolution is too low and is affecting the overall quality, it may not be accepted.
  5. Exposure of the images needs to be acceptable. Abnormal brightness, contrast or white balance will not be accepted.
  6. Image needs to cover 360˚ horizontal and the zenith (above). It can have a hole in the nadir (bottom). Follow the same coverage as the image already in the Virtual Tour.
Notice: Please be aware that when you submit an image you acknowledge that:
  1. You are the sole owner of the image,
  2. we will be publishing your image on this website and you give us permission to do so,
  3. you will not be entitled to any benefits that we may realize from using your image,
  4. we may manipulate your image without any further notice.

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