Central Park Dairy, April, 2010

Panoramic Image by Berkay Baykal

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We all have visited or will most likely visit Central Park at some point in the future. Yet, not many of us know whose idea it was to build this park and who actually made it happen.

It was William Cullen Bryant, a poet and editor of New York Evening Post, and Andrew Jackson Downing, a landscaper and editor of Horticulturist, who foresaw the social benefits of arranging a park for the public pleasure in the midst of the swamp in Manhattan.

As for the fulfillment of Bryant and Vaux's ideals, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, two young architects, joined the design competition for the park and won the "Greensward" award (because it featured the broadest expanses of lawn and meadow that could be obtained in a narrow land). Hence, they co-worked on the design of the park.

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